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Wheeler SWCD Conservation Community Center

 The above video is a preliminary production showcasing Wheeler County, Oregon and the Wheeler SWCD Conservation Community Center mass timber design. An updated video will be produced that will feature a virtual tour of the final design in place of the rendered still photos at the end of the video. 

The US Forest Service awarded $300,000 to Wheeler Soil and Water Conservation District for the Wheeler SWCD Mass Timber Facility Project through the Wood Innovation Program on June 9, 2023. The award was one of 123 projects nationwide totaling more than $43 million through Community Wood Grants and Wood Innovations Grants 

The Wood Innovations Grants Program, launched in 2015, stimulates, expands, and supports U.S. wood products markets and wood energy markets to support the long-term management of National Forest System and other forest lands. National focus areas include mass timber, renewable wood energy, and technological development that supports hazardous fuel reduction and sustainable forest management. Since 2015, the Wood Innovations and Community Wood Grant programs have provided more than $93 million to 381 recipients to support wood products and wood energy projects.

 Funding will be used to complete engineered designs of a mass timber building; explore potential sustainable features to be incorporated into design; conduct thermal testing comparison of steel versus mass timber buildings; and plan construction of the mass timber building.

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Design Progress 

The design team is continuing to work on incorporating sustainable features into the design and planning the construction phase. Below is the most updated design set for the facility. 

231221_261_Wheeler SWCD_Design Development Set.pdf


Below are the most updated still renderings of the facility as of February 14, 2024.

Architectural floor plan showing layout of offices, a lobby, conference room, and other spaces.
A modern wooden house with large windows, nestled against a hillside with sparse vegetation and trees.
Modern house rendering with a mountain backdrop, labeled "View from street Looking East."
Modern building with wooden facade, glass doors, and gabion walls by a roadway with mountains in the background.
Modern office interior with desks, chairs, and glass partitions, with text "Wheeler SWCD Offices" on top.
This space will be home to our existing juniper slab conference table and be utilized for small Wheeler SWCD meetings with staff offices surrounding . 
Modern conference room with a long table, chairs, a TV screen, and large windows showing a desert view.
Design team aspirations are to use Western juniper or other Wheeler County native species for cabinetry; a stationary board/presentation juniper slab table located at the front of the room; furnish confernence room with a modular conference table setup; and, a John Day Basin map displayed across the wall. (renderings potentially will reflect these aspirations)

Virtual walk-through coming soon!