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Map outline

Project Abstract

Project Location

The project is located along Thirtymile Creek, approximately 9 miles Southeast of the town of Fossil in Wheeler County.

Project Need

The existing culvert has a skewed entrance relative to the upstream channel and has two associated jump barriers downstream. The first jump is approximately one foot located at a pool at the immediate downstream end of the culvert. This pool was created by a three-foot diameter log placed approximately 30 feet downstream of the culvert and perpendicular to the stream flow. This log has created its own three-foot barrier and has a very small downstream pool. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has put in a temporary fish ladder to provide passage for juveniles, but the ladder is undersized for adult salmonids and the jump barrier into the culvert is likely to high for juveniles.

Proposed Project Work

 The proposed project will create a comprehensive design set to replace the pipe culvert with a realigned bottomless arch culvert and remove the barriers to fish passage.

Project Partners

The work will be completed in collaboration with ODF&W who will provide review of the design set at the 30%-60%-90% and final design stages. Additional partners include Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board, Wheeler Soil and Water Conservation District, Wheeler County Road Department, and the cooperating landowner.

Project Completion Report