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Project Abstract

Project Location

This project is located east of Mitchell in the Mountain Creek Watershed in southern Wheeler County in the area known as Waterman Flat. Willow Creek runs through the property and drains into Mountain Creek. Mountain Creek drains into Rock Creek and Rock Creek into the John Day River.

Project Need

The area has been heavily encroached by Western Juniper. This has had a negative effect on water quality, quantity, and upland and riparian habitat. Of the seven limiting factors in the Mountain Creek Watershed, this project proposes to address flow, sediment load, and temperature, and key habitat quantity. 

Proposed Project Work

The project has elements from stream to ridgetop. Elements include riparian exclusion fence, brush management (juniper removal), spring developments, aspen protections and restoration, and prescribed burning.

Project Partners

Project partners include FSA, NRCS, CTWS, Wheeler SWCD, and OWEB.

Project Completion Report