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Project Abstract

Project Location

This project is located along Waterman Flats, located in the Eastern portion of Wheeler County between Spray and Mitchell Oregon.

Project Need

This project proposal seeks to treat invasive noxious weeds. A wet Spring and dry Summer led to the overgrowth of invasive weeds across agricultural and rangeland acreage for private landowners through the Waterman Flat valley. This project aims to reduce the infestations of "B" and "T" listed State of Oregon and Wheeler County noxious weeds. Landowners are dealing with Scotch thistle, Canada thistle, Cutleaf teasel, Diffuse and Russian knapweed, and Yellow starthistle. These infestations have caused a loss of native vegetation for current agricultural and rangeland acreage. The decline of native vegetation has a negative effect on Wheeler County watersheds, livestock, and wildlife habitats.

Proposed Project Work 

This project proposal will treat 58,268 total surveyed acres, with 450 gross acres and 240 net acres to be chemical and biological treated. This is a chemical cost-share program and Wheeler SWCD will work with each landowner to develop an appropriate chemical noxious weed treatment plan that will benefit their land the best. Wheeler SWCD will also work with CRMWA to establish and maintain biological control plots.

Project Partners 

CRMWA, Crook County SWCD, Grant SWCD, BLM, ODA, Wheeler County Road Department and Private Landowners.