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Project Abstract

Project Location

The project is located along Pine Hollow Creek, a steelhead bearing tributary of Rock Creek, which flows to the John Day River. Located within Wheeler County, the nearest town being Mitchell, Oregon.

Project Need

This project is a holistic continuation of work within the Pine Hollow Creek Watershed to address the limiting factors to watershed health and fish passage. The project will provide much needed habitat complexity on the lower reach of Pine Hollow Creek, correct a significant fish passage barrier within the headwaters.

Proposed Project Work

The project will install Vertical Post Structures (VPSs) and large wood on approximately 3/4 miles of Pine Hollow Creek which has recently been enrolled in the ODFW Riparian Fencing Program. It will also correct a major fish passge barrier of a perch culvert. Correction of this culvert will include an additional 0.9 miles of fencing through the ODFW program. 

Project Partners 

Project partners include USFW Partners Program, the Antone Ranch, the ODFW John Day, and the Wheeler County SWCD.

Project Completion Report