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Project Abstract

Project Location

The project is located on the Butte Creek Watershed approximately 3 miles East of the community of Fossil in Wheeler County.

Project Need 

Over the year Western Juniper encroachment has increased due to the restriction and suppression of fire creating issues both with water quality and water quantity. Western Juniper also causes loss of native vegetation and a degraded wildlife habitat. 

Proposed Project Work 

This project's goal to reduce the negative impacts of Western Juniper on the watershed function by machine removing the invasive species for a total of 318 acres. In addition, the project will develop 7 springs and install 9 600 gal stock tanks to improve water quantity and quality while distributing livestock grazing more evenly. The project will also allow for the reseeding of 120 acres with native vegetation. 

Project Partners

Project Partners include NRCS, the landowner, Wheeler SWCD, and OWEB.