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Project Abstract 

Project Location

The project is located along Pine Hollow Creek, a steelhead bearing tributary of Rock Creek, which flows to the John Day River. Located within Wheeler County, 17 miles east of Mitchell and 15 miles west of Dayville.

Project Need

There are two small culverts on the upper reaches of Pine Hollow that are undersized and do not meet fish passage criteria. Pine Hollow supports listed steelhead and it is imperative to provide full access to the available upstream habitat for spawning and rearing.

Proposed Project Work 

The project will replace two undersized culverts on the upper portion of Pine Hollow with appropriately sized plate arch culverts. The new culverts will be large enough to provide fish passage during low and high flows.

Project Partners

Project partners include USFW Partners Program, the Antone Ranch(Alscott Antone Ranch LLC), the ODFW John Day, and the Wheeler County SWCD.

Project Completion Report