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Project Abstract

Project Location

The Fopiano Reservoir is located in the Southern portion of Wheeler County, above Mountain Creek, north of Waterman Road. 

Project Need

Historic livestock pressure has left the riparian areas of two major tributaries to the resevoir (Mathis Creek and Fopiano Creek) and the resevoir itself in a state of degradation and unrestricted livestock access to these areas is preventing any positive vegetative response. Current conditions create water quality concerns for the tributaries, the reservoir, and Fopiano Creek below the reservoir, which is listed by ODFW as steelhead habitat. 

Proposed Project Work

This project proposes to install use exclusion fence on Mathis Creek, Fopiano Creek, and Fopiano Reservoir. Riparian plannings will be implemented to increase the speed of the restoration response. Livestock watering facilities will be installed to improve livestock distribution following traditional water access being excluding. 

Project Partners

OWEB funding will be used for technnical assistance, project management, and contracted services. 

Project Completion Report


Monitoring Reports