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Submitting a Public Records Request

It is the policy of Wheeler SWCD to meet the intent and requirements of Oregon’s Public Records Law.

To support this policy, the Board of Directors have adopted the following procedure to respond to a request made for public records:

  • Acknowledgement of a written public records request will be made within five business days
  • Public record requests will be fulfilled within ten business days following acknowledgement
  • If the request is unable to be fulfilled within the above timeframe, Wheeler SWCD will provide the requestor with an estimate of when the records will be provided and a reason for delay
  • Appointments are required to examine public records with the District Manager. Inspection time will be scheduled within five business days and within normal District operating hours
  • There is a $25 per hour fee for research and supervision. The fee will be assessed in 15-minute increments with a $15 minimum
  • There is a $0.25 per copy fee for black and white for letter size and $0.50 per copy fee for color for letter size. District staff will make all requested copies
  • If total estimated fees exceed $40, a non-refundable deposit is required for the amount of the estimated fee
  • The public will be supervised by District staff during searches
  • Information contained in exempt records will be protected by District staff and the public will not be allowed access to these records
  • Wheeler SWCD reserves the right to waive public record request fees

The following procedure was adopted by the Board of Directors for provision of public records:

  • The public must submit a written request specifying records desired
  • Within five business days, District staff will prepare a Public Record Access Order Form to clarify the request and estimate the cost of providing the public information requested. The estimated charges stated on this form will reflect the reasonably calculated fee to reimburse the District for actual cost of making public records available per ORS 192.440(3)(a)
  • The public records requested will be distributed no later than fifteen days upon payment of the estimated charges. Any charges beyond the actual cost of providing this information will be refunded to the requestor at the completion of the request