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Annual Budget & Audits

Due to not levying ad valorem tax, Wheeler SWCD is not required to abide by the Local Budget Law of ORS 294.305-294.565. However, Wheeler SWCD prepares an annual budget which is adopted by the Board of Directors and follows the same guiding principles as the Local Budget Law.

Wheeler SWCD Budget FY22-23.pdfWheeler SWCD Budget FY21-22.pdfWheeler SWCD Budget FY20-21.pdfWheeler SWCD Budget FY19-20.pdfWheeler SWCD Budget FY18-19.pdf


Oregon conservation districts are legal subdivisions of the state, and are subject to the Municipal Audit Law in ORS 297.405-297.555.

Per ORS 568.610, Wheeler SWCD completes a full audit annual.

Wheeler SWCD Audit FY20-21.pdfWheeler SWCD Audit FY19-20.pdfWheeler SWCD Audit FY18-19.pdf