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Project Abstract 

Project Location

The project is located on Bridge Creek at the confluence of Bridge Creek and Bear Creek. This is one of only two private in-holdings in the predominantly publicly owned lower reaches of Bridge Creek. The area of interest contains 1 mile of Bridge Creek and 0.25 miles of Bear Creek.

Project Need

The other phases of the Bridge-Bear project were very successful. The Vertical Post Structures (VPSs) performed well and showed good agreement with the HEC-RAS simulations. Even with this improvement there is still much work to do to improve floodplain connectivity and fish habitat. Bear Creek in particular needs additional improvement to floodplain connectivity. There is also still Russian Olive presence which is still above what can be addressed with standard maintenance.

Proposed Project Work 

Phase #4 will adress a miles of the Bridge Creek corridor above and below the confluence with Bear Creek and will focus on the very lower end of Bear Creek. The project will repair two of the previously installed VPSs and install 21 additional VPSs. The new VPSs will build on the success of the existing fish habitat. These pieces of large wood are significantly larger than previous phases and will be extended into the stream channel to promote habit complexity.

Project Partners

The project partners are Bridge Creek Ranch LLC, Wheeler SWCD, Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs, and RSI.

Project Completion Report


Monitoring Reports