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What does the life of a Conservation Technician consist of?! Projects! Projects! Projects!

Wheeler SWCD is 100% grant funded and projects are what keeps our doors open to be able to help assist landowners and constituents conserve natural resources. Our staff is currently managing 11 restoration projects, a design project, a stream assessment project, 2 noxious weed treatment projects and providing technical assistance on more than 50 USDA contracts. In addition, there are 4 pending fund applications and 16 projects (and counting) in the planning phase awaiting funding opportunity.

Although we work hard to assist all landowners, we currently have federal and state potential funding opportunities in the following locations:

  • Riparian and upland opportunities in the Butte Creek and Thirtymile Creek Watersheds
  • Upland opportunities in the Kahler Watershed
  • Forestry opportunities bordering the Ochoco National Forest
  • Livestock water system opportunities in Wheeler County
  • Woven wire fence replacement (w/ smooth or barbed) opportunities in Wheeler County
  • Wildfire Defensive Space opportunities in Wheeler County

Contact us with your conservation concerns and we can discuss opportunities available to mitigate your concerns!

May contain: plot, chart, map, atlas, and diagram