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Prescribed Burns

Do you have problems with… Controlling undesirable vegetation? Low-quality or low-production forage? Few native plant communities in your pasture or woodland? Woody plant invasions into your pasture? Poor wildlife habitat? Excessive fuel loads contributing to increased wildfire risk?


Ever thought to use prescribed burns as a natural resource restoration tool?


Prescribed burning is the intentional and controlled application of fire to a pre-determined area to reduce the risk of wildfire, improve wildlife habitat, control weeds, improve pasture or forest stand conditions, and improve forest health. Prescribed fire initially requires experienced help, plus a good working relationship with neighbors and the local fire department.


To decide if fire is a useful management tool for your site, ask these questions:

  • Do my goals include restoration or management of a forest, range, wetland, pasture?
  • Am I interested in managing for grassland wildlife such as meadowlarks, pheasants, or pollinators?
  • Are there partners already conducting burns that I can participate on?
  • Are there available contractors?
  • Where are the water sources?
  • What the RISK VS. REWARDS-are there alternatives?


Contact Wheeler SWCD to learn more about prescribed burns and if they are the right tool for your land!