Watershed Councils

The Mid John Day-Bridge Creek Watershed Council's mission is to improve water quality and watershed conditions in the Mid-John Day River watershed through education, coordination, consultation, and cooperation among all interests, using the collective wisdom and voluntary action of our community members. It is governed by a five member council. The Council works in cooperation with the Wheeler SWCD to address landowner’s resource needs and concerns, and to provide public education and outreach within the mid John Day River watershed. 

The Mid John Day-Bridge Creek Watershed Council was formed in 2011 with the merger and boundary expansion of the Mid-John Day Watershed Council and the Bridge Creek Watershed Council. Watershed councils have a long history of conservation work in Wheeler County. The Mid-John Day Watershed Council formed in 1998 and merged with the Wheeler Point Watershed Council in 2004. Landowners in the Bridge Creek watershed began working together in 1989 and formed the Bridge Creek Watershed Council in 1995. The newly merged Mid John Day-Bridge Creek Watershed Council includes tributaries to the John Day River from Picture Gorge downstream to Butte Creek.

The Mid John Day-Bridge Creek Watershed Council is coordinated by Debbi Bunch. The Council coordinates with the SWCD on project planning and implementation of conservation practices in several areas of the county. 

If you are interested in learning more about the councils or serving on the board, please contact the Debbi at 541-468-2990 or by email at midjohndaywc@wheelerswcd.org.

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